LOS ANGELES, Jan. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Chemical Guys, the leading lifestyle brand for automotive detailing enthusiasts and professionals, announces the retail debut of its highly anticipated ProBlow High Flow Professional Handheld Dryer and Blower. As one of the most powerful and user-friendly detailing tools of its kind, the ProBlow produces an intense stream of air generated by a 1000-watt motor, drying wet vehicle surfaces in minutes while effortlessly eliminating dust and reaching crevices with ease.  

ProBlow's ultra-strong jet stream not only cuts drying time in half, but also helps eliminate the risk of scratches. The breakthrough tool easily and thoroughly dries every vehicle part, including those hard-to-reach areas where water collects, such as door mirrors, trim pieces, lug nuts, gas hatches, taillights, emblems, grills and anywhere else water might drip from once the car is in motion.

ProBlow's extra-long, ten-foot (120-inch) cord and lightweight 3.3lb body allows for maximum mobility, and its rubber tip allows for scratch-free drying, even if the tool comes in contact with the vehicle's surface. Flip the easy-access switch and the ProBlow goes to work, rapidly drying any wet surface – from cars to motorcycles to boats, as well as around the house, including decks and wet pavement. It can even be used in the engine bay, around the garage, in the yard and more.

"ProBlow was designed to offer a sense of fun and satisfaction to what normally is one of the most tedious parts of washing your ride," said Chemical Guys' Chief Revenue Officer, John Mansfield. "Equipped with a 1000-watt motor, comfortable grip, and extra-long cord, ProBlow is the ultimate solution for drying any wet surface."

ProBlow officially debuts January 13th at ChemicalGuys.com and Detail Garage locations nationwide, retailing for $89.99.

Driven by adventure, a passion for shine, and a love for the road ahead, Chemical Guys is a worldwide leader in automotive detailing products for car care enthusiasts and professionals. From exclusive small-batch waxes to cutting edge ceramic coatings, and specialty cleaners for exteriors and interiors, Chemical Guys sets the industry standard when it comes to product innovation, technological advancement and education. Based in Southern California, Chemical Guys has evolved from a handful of passionate car fanatics to a global lifestyle brand with the largest digital library of automotive detailing "how to" content available. Learn more and join the Chemical Guys family at ChemicalGuys.com.                                  

Detail Garage is the country's fastest-growing car care superstore. The nationwide retail franchise is the ultimate destination for auto detailing supplies, equipment, car care accessories and training. By combining the highest-quality products with educational detailing classes, Detail Garage has become the country's go-to retail store for car care enthusiasts, passionate car owners, and detailing professionals. After launching its initial location in Southern California, the brand has quickly expanded to over 60 locations over the last 5 years throughout the US and Canada. To find a Detail Garage near you or for more information on products, training or franchising opportunities visit www.detailgarage.com.



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